Key to a successful practice is consistent Before & After photos. Using images improves patient satisfaction resulting in client retention.”

Easy To Use

Intuitive to use:The hardware coupled with the proprietary software specific for has been designed for ease of use. The software is smartly designed for users to provide patients with accurate evaluation

Easy To View

Manage and retrieve patient photos with a one-click before and after comparison. Print and PDF compatible.Make Use of your Photos Show off your Results

Measure Results

AccuView Imaging has the exclusive software to measure changes and quantify results. Necssary tool for body contouring procedures in your patients stomach, thighs, arms and chins/necks

Consistent-Reproducible-Unsurpassed Quality

Guidelines for Consistency

  • Guided Photography along with a grid and sample poses make it easy for your staff to capture outstanding pictures every time.
  • Let the exclusive software determine the best camera settings and lighting and achieve consistent, repeatable images even when taken by inexperienced users.

Patient Poses for Specific treatments

  • Positioning aids ensures consistency
  • “Before & After” picture matching capabilities
  • On-screen reminders and tutorials

Who We Are & What We Do

Our team is a dedicated to not only delivering an outstanding product, yet also we created the perfect team to supports them.

Who We Are & What We Do
We provide a state-of-the-art imaging software with the primary focus on the accuracy. We created AccuView Imaging software for the aesthetic marketplace. Our Before & After imaging products come in variety of options with tons of capabilities.

Our business specialize in manufacturing and selling a Proprietary software and hardware solutions for obtaining and managing high-quality digital images form facial imaging to the entire skin surface. Our goal is to provide the highest quality available at a low cost.

AccuView Imaging provides accurate and reliable “Proof of Performance” images after completing an aesthetic procedure.

Unparalleled Versatility and Support Provides You...

A multitude of units and accessories provides you with the best solution for your office,doctors and patients. Our software is a powerful too during patient consultations. Also the before and after images are reproducible for lectures, articles and marketing. Archives patient progress and records for legal liability.


Our units are have all the reliable and consistency of any other devices in the industry. Provides an objective measuring tool for treatment success.


Our grid system offers “Extremely Accuracy”. Allowing your patients to the see the changes most accurately. Percentile and Measurement tool for chin, stomach, thighs, arms and submentum.

Instant Accessibility

Images are easy to access.Streamlining photo management saves the office valuable staff time

State-of-the-Art Software

Our state of the art software eases the doctor’s lives and increases trust with your patients trust and increase communication .


Our customer say we are awesome and we know it’s our products and support.